Orange County, CA

The newly appointed president determinedly said “we’re moving” (from space that the corporate headquarters had occupied for ~25 years), and the vision was cast. Momentum crescendoed and senior management’s objective stated, “This is a major move . . . this is part of our modernization initiative . . . letting go of old legacy systems and workplaces so we can take on new ways to do things and create high-performance work environments”. It was noted that new space could be designed to deliver the collaborative environment requisite to foster the creativity and innovation that is the basis for dynamic work culture.

The organization – the world’s largest technology distributor, operating in over 50 countries – also recognized the shift in demographics (declining boomers, more Millenials, and Gen Zs) and the need to create space that would attract and retain talent which comprised the 1,200 associate workforces at this location.

The 220K SF new corporate HQ for this Fortune 70 company was imagined then constructed within one of the most aggressive timelines for a project of this size and scope. Completed from the shell in just ten weeks, the project included demolition of all existing improvements and the building out of new office space on three floors within an existing 2M SF live/work/play campus.