Scottsdale, AZ

The spinoff of this company’s consumer products group resulted in the formation of a new corporate entity seeking a new image and a dynamic new vision.  This led to the launch of a deep-dive needs assessment, a strategic analysis, and a confidential nationwide search for a new headquarters.

Narrowing the search to nine cities we worked with governmental and economic development agencies, seeking an incentive package that would be compelling enough to move nearly 700 jobs. Our efforts resulted in the first-ever retention concessions from the State of Arizona and incentives from the City of Scottsdale that shifted the decision from moving to remaining in Arizona, moving from a traditional Class A high rise building in Phoenix to a single-story facility in Scottsdale.

The identified facility was an under-construction 130K SF warehouse in the preliminary building phase and in close proximity to the company’s existing 200K SF research and development facility. Leading a multi-function team of stakeholders, a project plan was developed that changed the design to a corporate headquarters use. A highly accelerated construction schedule was undertaken and in five months a concrete slab with four tilt-up walls and no windows was transformed into a stunning and functional corporate headquarters for over 600 people. The $36M project (today’s value), managed from the programming phase to move in, was completed on time and under budget.

The project plan included all interior design as well as selecting and acquiring new furniture fixtures and equipment and setting up the administrative services necessary to service and support the relocation to this facility (e.g., security, food service, maintenance, mailroom, reception, and facilities management. A flawless move of 600+ people was accomplished over a long weekend.